For anyone not in the architectural profession, it’s easy to use the terms’ architect’ and ‘draftsman’ synonymously. However, in reality, they are not the same thing. Only a person working in the architectural profession can be considered an architect. Further, there are specific differences between what an architect does and what a draftsman does, and it is essential to understand both to make an informed decision when hiring one.

To give you clarity on the two titles, let’s explore the difference between the two. Here’s what you need to know:

What is an Architect?

First, let’s look at what an architect is. Generally, architects are responsible for creating the blueprints that are used to build homes, buildings, and other structures. They may also be involved in the feasibility studies, site selection, zoning and planning issues, budgeting, and other areas of the building process. Architects may have a bachelor’s degree (or similar education) in architecture. In addition, architects are required to complete extensive apprenticeships and internships. They learn how to design projects, compile bids, and complete other tasks related to becoming a licensed contractor.

What is a Draftsman?

The word ‘draftsman’ is often used interchangeably with architects, but they are not the same thing. Although they share many of the same duties, a draftsman is not considered an architect. A draftsman is someone responsible for producing detailed plans that are used to create the blueprints of a building. For example, when a draftsman says they are working on a blueprint, they often refer to the physical document containing all of the information about the design of the building.

What to Know When You’re Hiring an Architect

At this point, it’s easier to understand the difference between what an architect does and what a draftsman does. Next, you will want to know how to hire an architect. Here are some helpful tips and tricks that can help you hire the best architect:

You should find the best architect you can afford. This is often a red flag if a potential architect is trying to sell you on how cheap they are.

It would be best if you asked your potential architect how long they have been in business. This should give you a good idea of their expertise and knowledge.

What to Know When You’re Hiring a Draftsman

Now that you are familiar with the difference between an architect and a draftsman, you will want to know how to hire a draftsman.

The most important tip is to know exactly what you want from your draftsman before meeting with them. Your goal in hiring the best draftsman is to hire someone who can create the plans and designs you have envisioned.

You should get several quotes from different draftsmen. This will give you a good idea about the level of service you can expect and the prices for each.


These are the most important things you should know about the difference between an architect and a draftsman. You now know that an architect is not the same as a draftsman, but they share many of the same duties. It is essential to know the difference between the two because it will help you hire the best architect or draftsman for your project.

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