Running a home project can be lots of work, but whatever’s established or improved is more than worth it. One thing that can help you throughout the process as a homeowner is to understand the different tradespeople and services you will be working with throughout the project.

The most important roles in building and designing a home may vary between an architect, draftsman and building designer. If you’re unfamiliar with the functions, it’s best to brush up on what each one means and does. Continue reading to differentiate architects, draftsmen and building designers better from one another.

What Is an Architect? 

An architect is responsible for planning and designing the structure of a building. They’ll design the building and its exteriors, as well as the inside of a building. They may also create blueprints for the structure, making sure the design works for what it needs to be and that plans are coming to fruition into something feasible.

Architects will oversee the entire project from a distance and can give you their expert opinion about the designs put forth for your home. Typically, an architect tends to be more business-minded and often investigates the feasibility of a project as well as the budget in comparison to a draftsman.

What Is a Draftsman?

Draftsmen are people who have worked in-depth with the building’s blueprints for months or even years. They know exactly how to use the plans to design the structure you want. They can also recommend where the house should be built based on the foundation and local terrain to give it the best stability.

Draftsmen are hands-on and critical to any building process. Although they seem to only deal with the design aspect of the home, they can also recommend improvements to your plans. They can explain why they’re making each suggestion and show you the alternatives. Ultimately, they’ll make your life easier by ensuring that the house is built correctly.

What Is a Building Designer?

A building designer has a strong knowledge of engineering and construction methods. They’ll design a building based on the recommendations of an architect and draftsman while helping to implement the design.

Having a building designer on your team ensures that all bases are covered and that communication is strong since they’re typically the middleman of architects and draftsmen. They will help ensure that the house is up to code while also meeting any requirements.

Who Do You Need for Your Project?

For a large home construction project, you may be required to work with the architects, draftsmen and building designers to get the best results. It’s worth checking with them and understanding what they each do.

Homeowners may find that a particular trade is more important to your project, so you can always ask them which one they think they’ll need more. A draftsman may be more important if you’re designing an original house with nothing quite like it. 


Differentiating the roles of an architect, draftsman and building designer is important when planning a project. It can help you determine how best to move forward with your home project and understand who is responsible for what.

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