The purpose of drafting plans is to indicate the position of a residence on a property concerning its surroundings. By measuring the site, the drafting drawings can accurately reflect the location of your site’s structure within your property’s boundaries. 

Your site plan enables the council (or an accredited certifier) to assess regulatory compliance.

Capable drafting services in Brisbane will provide accurate drafting plans for simple extensions and renovation work; however, a drafter will be required to draw on a wider range of experience and knowledge for more involved work.

What Should Considered on Drawing Plans?

Aside from writing blueprints, it would help you think about how design and compliance difficulties may affect your development goals. This will become apparent if your proposed work violates municipal codes or necessitates a significant change in the layout of your home.

Many large construction projects, in our experience, aim to greatly increase the property’s value and improve the home’s livability! When compared to the total expenditures, the difference in fees can amount to a fraction of overall costs, severely limiting the potential capital growth of your most valuable asset.

While hiring a draftsman in Brisbane with experience in building design may be more expensive, a professional designer will be able to add substantial value to your property.

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Draftsman or Building Designer

Choosing the ideal contractor for your drawing plans might be tough because there is so much to consider, especially because the design is such a subjective subject.


Look through a designer’s portfolio; contact the designer if you discover something you like or elements of a design you’d want to incorporate into your suggested work.

Designers have a signature style that has been perfected through time; a designer whose portfolio of work matches your home’s taste will be more able to capture your needs and put them into drafting designs.

Knowledge of The Local Codes

All building activity in Brisbane is governed by a framework, which means you can’t build anything or wherever you want on your property. Your property must maintain standard boundary distances and heights, and these can vary depending on the address and age of your home.

Many residences in Brisbane are subject to municipal codes, including the small lot code, character code, or the fact that your home is in a demolition control precinct.

Working with a drafter or designer who understands the limits can push your requirements far further than an operator who takes the code as written.

Homeowners may save a lot of time, money, and headaches by relying on their experience. Understanding the codes and giving the proper advice helps reduce the number of work engineers, town planners, and certifiers have to undertake, which can add to pre-approval expenses.


Before construction, plans must be approved by the council (or certifier); your drafting plans will determine the style and feel of your project while staying within the local area codes that apply to your property. Your drafter’s or building designer’s responsibility is to capture your requirements and deliver drafting services that will add value and enrich your lifestyle while allowing your builder to construct following them.

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