Consider this: if you’re planning to build a new home from scratch and engage a construction company, you can’t just put them to work. Custom drafting services must be hired long before construction ever begins.

Many AEC and product designers and inventors still use freehand or manual drafting despite the advancements in computer-aided drafting (CAD), which has become a common practice in the industry. Drafting, often known as technical drawing, is a means of conveying ideas through visual representations.

A drafting service may help you transform your dreams into reality. Read on for more information.

What Exactly Is Drafting?

The process of creating technical drawings is called drafting. It is the representation of three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional technical drawings. It is a vital and fundamental component of product design.

What Does a Draftsman Do?

Drafters and designers are skilled workers who offer technical assistance in design and development. They are also called technical illustrators and are responsible for preparing drawings and plans for the manufacturing and construction of buildings, machines and other structures. 

What Is the Scope of a Draftsman’s Job?

There are many different jobs within the field of drafting. Some draftspersons specialise in a particular area, like architectural drafting, mechanical drafting, civil engineering drafting, etc.

Drafting services are required in almost every engineering, construction and manufacturing project. Since drawings help clarify an idea, they should be created in the initial stages of a project. 

What Is the Difference Between a Draftsman and an Architect?

An architect is responsible for the overall design of a structure. A draftsman is accountable for the technical drawings used to make a structure. Without a draftsman, no plans, strategies and diagrams can be drawn. 

What Are the Factors That Affect the Cost of a Draftsman?

The cost of a draftsman depends on the job’s complexity, and the time it will take. A large project involving multiple drawings will cost you more than a small one. The nature of the product can also affect the cost.

What do I need to consider before hiring a drafter?

A drafting technician may be required to work in various settings, so he must be comfortable working in an industrial, office or residential environment. The draftsman you hire should be dedicated to his job. He should be willing and able to devote time and energy to the project. 

Before hiring a drafter to help you with your projects, you need to decide whether you need just a draft or technical drawing or both.

How Do I Know If I Can Trust a Draftsman?

Trust is a significant factor when you are looking for a draft. A professional draftsman takes his work seriously. He will not just throw in the random data and doodle. He will prepare a drawing comprehensively and take time to consider all the minute details.

To know if he is trustworthy, ask for a sample of his past work. You can also get references from previous employers. This can give you a more precise and better idea of his work ethic and quality. 


A professional draftsperson can be a great help when designing and constructing your home. It’s never too early to start hiring experienced contractors. But don’t forget to hire drafters as well. 

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