When embarking on a home extension project, it’s important to take into account planning, cost, and legality. To ensure that your project is carried out successfully, you should hire a company that understands the complexities of home extensions. Otherwise, you may find yourself in charge of an overwhelming and stressful experience. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the job.

Everything You Need To Know Before Extending Your House

1 – Make Realistic Plans

Make a realistic home extension plan and take into account every aspect of the project. This includes planning the building and development, where the money is coming from, and what it will cost. Also, consider the time span needed to carry out the project and the disruption that it will cause.

2 – Consider Financial Aspects

There is a lot of money involved in home extensions, and you need to make sure that you have the funds to carry out the construction. Be sure to have your finances in order before you hire a home extension company.

3 – Consider Limitations

Before hiring a home extension company, make sure that it is fully qualified and licensed. You should also make sure that it is insured and certified. If you are considering a home extension, you need to think about the limitations of the project. If a home extension is too big, it can reduce the value of your home from the market. However, verify with the local planning authorities that there are no limitations on building projects near your area.

4 – Hire A Professional Home Extension Company

Hiring a professional home extension company will ensure that your project runs smoothly and is carried out correctly. Remember that a professional home extension company will have assessed many home extensions before and will have experience with the process.

5 – Make Sure The Plan Is Right

When hiring a home extension company, make sure that you are comfortable with its plan before you pay the deposit. If you don’t feel confident with the company, don’t hire it. You need to ensure that the company’s plan is realistic and suitable for your needs.

6 – Don’t Neglect The House Structure

When carrying out a home extension, you need to make sure that the home’s structure and foundations can withstand the strain. If you’re not positive, get a structural engineer to do an assessment of the house.

7 – Consider The Local Authority

If you are planning a home extension, you need to consider the local authority. When you have a good relationship with the local authority, it will make the process of obtaining planning permission much easier. You should find out about the local authority’s policies on home extensions and find out who the planning officer is.


If you do not plan your home extension carefully and professionally, you may face long-term issues. Make sure that you hire a professional home extension company and obtain approval from the local planning authorities before you start your project. You should also consider the structure of your home and ensure that it will be able to withstand your home extension.

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